kids Uveitis Research & Education


In the Spring of 2005 one ten year old girl asked her doctor where to find the other children with her disease diagnosis.  She wanted to know where they were, how they were, and what their future health would likely be.  Her doctor explained that he could not provide those answers to her at the time, the information the child wanted was not available.


The physician, Dr. Douglas Jabs, presented his ten year old patient, Sarah, with a challenge.  Sarah could participate in finding the answers she was looking for... K.U.R.E. (Kids Uveitis, Research and Education) was founded in July of 2005. Dr. Jennifer Thorne joined Dr. Jabs' and Sarah's quest for answers. Since 2005, K.U.R.E. has raised over $140,000 for research and educational activities at The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins and The Mount Sinai Medical Center.  

About K.U.R.E

K.U.R.E @ The Wilmer Eye Institute & The Mt. Sinai Medical Center